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Our Misson:

"We are all health workers" that's the motto at Medic Mobile. I believe we are all connected and that everything we decide to do to help each other, no matter how small the act, makes a difference and has ripple effects." Recycling a phone in Maine can help save a baby's life in Kenya. Cell phones are a part of my generation. I started Mobile for Global Health because I want to be part of the solution that uses old phones to improve the lives of others and at the same time reduces their impact on our environment."  

Christie Gillies, Founder

Cape Elizabeth High School


How We Do It

Recycling mobile phones for a better world

Do you have an old phone to recycle? Need us to pick it up? Have questions?  Contact us!  We will get right back to you. 

Why We Do This . . . 

"I got interested in Medic Mobile after watching Josh Nesbit's Ted Talk and decided to help out with this club at my school.  I love volunteer work, and Mobile for Global allows students like myself to make a big impact from home.  For a time when most people have old Smartphones  that are not being put to use, this makes the community service portion very simple.  I am excited about expanding the message and purpose of this organization and think others will be too when they hear about it!"  

Julia Lennon

Cape Elizabeth High School


Simple Texts Lead to Life Saving Immunizations

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  • To take responsibility for technology that plays an important part in our lives and use it to help bring health care to all parts of the world.
  • To reduce the number of thrown out phones thereby reducing their detrimental effects on our environment. 

We have recycled over 1000 phones and helped Medic Mobile equip 16,024 Health Workers with mobile technology in 23 countries!

To Date:

Josh Nesbit is a hero.  His organization, Medic Mobile, is changing the world and providing access to health care in the most remote corners of the planet with the use of cell phones.  Medic Mobile puts phones in the hands of Community Health Workers.  We help them by collecting old phones that are recycled for funds used to purchase new $10 phones.  One used or broken phone can   

How It All Goes Down: Have an old or broken cell phone? After you put it in one of our drop boxes, we will send your phone to the crew at Medic Mobile where they will safely recycle it.   

FYI - Data is erased through a certified and secure process by Ecophones.  If you prefer, you can remove your SIM card if your phone has one before donating. For IOS  devices, go to settings>General>Reset, and choose the option to erase all content and settings.  All data on donated phones is erased through a certified and secure process.

Recycling Drop Boxes:  Drop off your old phone at one of our locations and we will take care of the rest.  If you can't come to us, we will make arrangements to come to you.*  Mobile phones are a big part of our everyday lives.  Help us help others and make the world a better place for all of us!

Raising Awareness:  We use social media to raise awareness by sharing facts about the work Medic Mobile is doing, about the environmental impacts of tossed cell phones, and about how you can be part of the solution.  *Subject to distance and driver availability