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Recycling mobile phones for a better world

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  • A woman dies every two minutes during childbirth.  90% of childbirth deaths are preventable with medicines that are readily available.  We just need to connect the mothers with the medicines.  That's where medic mobile technology comes in.​
  • Medic Mobile has played an important part in raising vaccination rates from 60% to 99% in India.
  • 95% of the world's population has access to a cell signal but over a billion people will never see a doctor in their lives.
  • The average person in the US replaces their cell phone every 18 months.
  • Recycling one mobile phone saves enough energy to power a laptop for 44 hours
  • For every million cell phones recycled, 75 pounds of gold, 772 pounds of silver, 33 pounds of palladium, and 35, 274 pounds of copper are reclaimed.
  • Cell phones contain lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and brominated flame retardants.  These materials can be reused and none of them should go into landfills where they can contaminate our air, soil, and groundwater.

One used or broken phone can fund 10 or more new phones for Community Health Workers with Medic Mobile technology which allows them to register every pregnancy, track disease outbreaks faster, keep stock of medicines, and communicate about emergencies.  Medic Mobile is used in over 20 countries with 39 partners.  Over 9,000 Health Workers currently use this technology. They register every infant and send reminder messages about immunizations and keeping appointments.  For some people, it's a 100-mile journey to get to a hospital.  Workers use Medic Mobile to report symptoms to the nearest clinic, receive advice about treatment and emergency referrals, and provide information about the diseases that burden their community.

We are students taking responsibility for the technology that plays such an important part of our lives and using it to help ​bring medical care to all parts of the world.  By recycling our old phones, we bring the internet and a world of medical care to a child, a pregnant woman, a sick elder, and others in need.  It's literally life saving!

Cell phones contain metals including copper and plastics.  Recycling mobile phones prevents air and water pollution and saves these resources reducing the number of greenhouse gas emissions which take place during the manufacturing of new phones.

You can help.  Dig out your old phones, recycle them.  Bring them to one of our drop spots or contact us for a pickup! Become a Team Leader and collect phones in your community!