"My favorite thing about this project, and the over-arching reason that I wanted to get involved, is that it serves multiple, meaningful purposes. By recycling used cell phones, we are helping to cut back on harmful, environmental waste. By reusing these cell phones to help deliver information to communities in need, we are providing an important service to people around the world. And the best part is, all this is being done by getting rid of old phones that have just been laying around."

Taylor Cunningham,

Team Leader

Falmouth High School

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"When I heard how we could help people in places where it is hard to get medical supplies, I wanted to get involved immediately. Knowing that I could help so many people by just bringing in my used phone to a box location and that it would help children and adults receive needed medical attention is amazing. I want to help Christie get as many phones to people in need as I can. With the help of our communities, we can save countless lives!"​

Carson Fassett, Team Leader

North Yarmouth Academy

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Raise awareness at your school or organization.  Start a phone collection.  Become part of our Team. We will send you a kit, keep you informed, and work together to help Medic Mobile.  We are all Health Care Workers!

Become A Team Leader and Make A Difference! 

Josh Nesbit, Founder and CEO of Medic Mobile.

"Christie, her team leaders, and everyone that donates their phones are taking action to help health workers around the world.  It is inspiring to see what they are accomplishing!"  Josh Nesbit

"I heard about Josh Nesbit last year when I watched the film, 'Every Three Seconds' and my family and I were captivated by his message and immediately wished to aid in his mission to connect people with hospitals in undeveloped areas.  I truly believe that this is a cause that has a positive humanitarian and environmental impact.  Wth that being said, giving used phones to this organiztion is also an incredibly easy way to help people in impovershied nations."

Marcus Donnelly, graduate of Cape Elizabeth High School

Recycling mobile phones for a better world

"I wanted to get involved with this project when I realized that something considered junk, like an outdated or broken cell phone, could be reused to change another person's life.  It's important for kids at South Portland High School and everywhere to recognize that we are very privileged, and we should help those not as lucky in any way we can."

Brooke Sowerby,

Team Leader

South Portland High School

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